Can I host an event anywhere?

Yes, the RCSA supports the global community of speedcubers.

How does the RCSA support competitions?

The RCSA may provide the following support:

  • Appropriate equipment required for speedcubing events including prizes
  • A guide for those who may need help organising a speedcubing event
  • Help locating a venue
  • Funds to help with the costs of events

If you are not a WCA delegate can you still organise an event?

Yes, the RCSA wants to help grow the speedcubing community in general.

Is the RCSA trying to replace the WCA?

No. Even before the RCSA was formed, Professor Rubik had initiated a close collaboration with the WCA. The RCSA has been in discussion about forming a long term partnership. The RCSA believes that a partnership with the WCA can make speedsolving a major global sport and initiative.

How is the RCSA beneficial to the speedcubing community?

The emergence of the RCSA ensures that sponsorship can be raised and channelled to help support the Speedcube community and that other revenue earned from events can be reinvested back into the community, enabling the growth of the community and the sport.

What is the official Rubik’s speedcube?

The RCSA has partnered with GAN and Rubik’s to make sure that the very best speedcubes are made available in a transparent and legitimate manner for the speedcubing community.