Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championship final

AUSTRALIAN SPEEDCUBING RECORD HOLDER KEEPS HIS CROWN AMONGST THE WORLD’S BEST IN HEAD-TO-HEAD COMPETITION Four Different Countries Podium in Three Different Game modes, Including First Women-Only Track at Red Bull Rubik’s ®Cube World Championship BOSTON, MA (September 22, 2018) – Over the weekend at the inaugural Red Bull Rubik’s ® Cube World Championship in Boston, MA, the reigning speedcubing record

UK Red Bull Mind Gamers

The UK qualifier for the Red Bull Rubik’s Mind Gamers in London saw the next winners attending the Boston finals. It was exciting Erno Rubik attended the event himself to unveil exciting prizes for the final in September. Also, GAN made an appearance and revealed his new scrambling machine. The winners of the UK qualifier are: Speed Cubing Mixed –

India Red Bull Mind Gamers

In India there were qualifiers in Bengalore, Chennai, Kolkota, Mumbai and New Delhi. It was great to see so many competitors attending these events, and making the events so successful. The winners are pictured below. In Delhi the winner for the: Speed Cubing Mixed – Plyush Pasel Fastest Hand Mixed – Abhishrut Khan Rescramble Mixed – Piyush Passi Speed Cubing

German Red Bull Mind Gamers

The Red Bull Mind Gamers event in Munich, Germany was a huge success with many speedcubers competing for the opportunity to win one of the top 3 prizes. Check out the pictures below of the winners. The winner for the: Speed Cubing Mixed – Sebastian Weyer Fastest Hand Mixed – Philip Weyer Rescramble Mixed – Sebastian Weyer Female Speed Cubing