Bodoco Open, 2018

Another huge success for the Bodoco Open, 2018. There were 60 competitors mainly children who were very happy with the event. The organiser Cinoto said ‘that is was one of the best ones he had ever been to’, which is fantastic news. Many of the attendees traveled far to compete in this rural event. It is great to hear that

Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championship final is coming…

After more than 15 qualifiers around the world, the Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championship is almost here. On 22nd September, 2018 Boston will be the place to be for speedcubers from around the world. These finalists will twist and turn for their share of $30,000 and a diamond cutted champions ring. It may have taken Erno Rubik a month

Ramli Mall Open 2018

It was great to hear what a success the Ramli Mall Open 2018 was in Bahrain. The organiser Aysha Jamsheer told us that: “Ramli Mall Open 2018 is the second speedcubing competition in Bahrain and I’m glad to say that it was a great success. The participants represented 13 different nationalities and it’s great to see how all of them

Hungary Red Bull Mind Gamers

The Hungarian qualifier was very exciting and welcomed both Erno Rubik creator of the Rubik’s Cube and Judit Polgar the Chess champion. The winners of the Hungarian qualifier are: Speed Cubing Mixed – Hunor Bozsing Fastest Hand Mixed – Hunor Bozsing Rescramble Mixed – Adam Barta Speed Cubing Female – Anna Szakaly Good luck in the Boston finals!

Denmark Red Bull Mind Gamers

The winners for the qualifier held in Copenhagen are: Speed Cubing Mixed – Wojciech Knott Fastest Hand Mixed – Wojciech Knott Rescramble Mixed – Wojciech Knott Speed Cubing Female – Karina Beck It is great to see so many competitors around the world participating for their chance to attend the finals in Boston! We wish these finalists the best of

Il CEFET-MG UAI Bits Open 2018

The II CEFET-MG UAI Bits Open 2018 was a huge success. Some words from the organisers: ‘Lately, several people (from children to adults) have had the opportunity to learn how to solve the Rubik’s Cube. And, consequently, they have the desire to participate in an official competition with the objective of entering the international ranking. As Speed Cubing is still